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Thank you so much Newgrounds for adding our series to the front page! We are greatly appreciated.

The Little Fighters are on their way to face one of their greatest adversaries, Freeze.

-Please read the full commentary before viewing the movie for you own better understanding!-

It's been half a year since our last chapter, but we finally finished the long awaited Chapter 8. No, this movie didn't take 6 months to produce. It took us a while to get started. This chapter has the most intense fight out of every chapter so far. A new controller bar was added for your own convenience. The fights are 75% FBF, although motion tween are used in walking and running. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of the Little Fighter Alpha series!

Please watch all the previous chapters first or else you won't get the story in full details, but even if you don't watch the previous chapters you can still enjoy the great fight scenes that made this series a big hit. The Little Fighter games do not have an official story or background for its characters. So you can't really say the story isn't right. This series is mostly based on the games, and the pieces will come together soon. You will just have to wait. Also the character's names come from the games so don't ask why we choose them.

Many of you ask why Julian isn't the boss in this series. Re watch Chapter 7 especially the last scene that should be a big hint. Also how Firzen comes to be will be explain at the end of our next chapter. So stay tuned.


No teen, dumb ass animation

He didn't say "teen" moron, he said "some tween of a guy" What were you trying to accomplish anyways?

TNOAT responds:

I can't type, so fuck me.

There is nothing here

It's just a tween of a guy, um, talking I guess. No sound, no color, and not even a complete stick figure. I'm sure you can guess how many stars I'm giving this.

TNOAT responds:

10? Also there wasn't a teen in here you dunce.

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2.19 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2007
1:42 PM EDT
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