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Stick and Stick Episode 1

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Author Comments

Hello, this will be a series. And this is, well, the debut of it. First of all, I currently haven't gotten a microphone for voice acting so in due time. You can read the text, although it's sad to say it goes sometimes fast. I will be fixing this in the near future.

This will be a series of 10 episodes or more. Depending if people liked it or not.
Caution: Sticks were used, hate sticks. Don't watch it.

-Preloader works.
-Music added.

Fixing up:
Replay button.

And don't you agree, that opening episodes tend not to be that good? As I proceed to the next episodes. I can assure you the others will be more animated than this.

Without further ado, enjoy.

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Well... that was different.

I must admit, I admired the ironic sense of stickman bashing in this.

The animation was funny, would have been amplified with your own voice.

The visuals were poor, though that only helped further the elements of comedy in this.

It was ok.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
It was an interesting movie. I like how it started out in a very casual mood and then went right to a random fight. It's pretty good satire of the lame stick figure movies that come here about every day. Nice music too.

^^Needs Improving^^
A little bit boring. I know it was supposed to be satire, and that was a good job, but the movie itself isn't very entertaining.


Hmmz, it was kinda short if you ask me and not much was happening then the usual stuff you see in stick movies. That was the biggest bad part about this movie. Be a bit more creative with plots. Also, the text was a bit hard to read at times, since you just "draw" the text yourself instead of typing it in text boxes. Last thing, the fight scene was too fast for me (and probably for anyone) to follow. I couldn´t tell what happened, try to make the action slower and make the scene longer. As for what could still be added; Well I´d say add some sound effects for the fight, it´ll make it much nicer.

The good parts of the movie; I liked the backgroundmusic you choose. It doesn´t really suit the fight scene, but I liked it a lot still. It´s way better than some loud music you usually see in movies like this. Also, the movie was fast paced and I liked that. I didn´t thought the movie was boring at some point because of this. Just make the fight scene slower, but keep the conversations fast paced. Last, I liked the color combination of white and grey you used.

Overall 4 out of 10, 2 out of 5. Well I think it was just a basic stick movie, "nothing too new or interesting". It had some good parts it had some bad parts. One last thing, when the movie ended the music kept playing. I don´t think that was done on purpose. Just add a keyframe at the end (maybe add "StopAllSounds" as an action for it) and the music should stop when the movie starts over again.

~Auz, Review Request Club

Lost-Wisdom responds:

Thanks for the review, check out my other episodes, it's kinda better.

Could use some fine-tuning

Well, the concept was certainly one that's been done before. However, with a little fine tuning, I can see you making this into a decent movie.

1) Zoom in while drawing, to give you greater control of the cursor and help you to draw more rounded figures. Maybe consider buying a graphics tablet?

2) Make a black space underneath the movie pictures. In this, type the subtitles, as it saves you a) animation space and b) makes them easier to read. Perhaps consider an 'advance button', which would allow faster readers to skip the text when they've read it - some gaps were too long.

3) Soundtrack - maybe add further tracks, like something with a pumping base beat for the combat, as the track you used wasn't something I'd ever consider for a fight between two men - not even camp men.

4) Colour - A change of colour for one of the guys help tell them apart during the fight.

Hope you work with these changes and I look forward to seeing the second episode.

[Review Request Club]

I dunno I liked it :D

Hahaha, it's so cruedly hilarious. Stick with it (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? EH? EH?)