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It's hard at night.


This isn't a real flash

It's not a real flash.
Next time try putting the authors that actually did something with it!

I'm horrible at stuff like this & even I can do better

Heil responds:

you need to review better


I'm sorry.

Its hilarious that it took *SO* many 'authors' to create such a piece of garbage.

I am going to assume that you're an angsty teen flash artist who is sad that his lame flash got blammed.

Well that's what happens, flash videos with no effort do not get to stay in. They waste space. I can only hope you'll redouble your efforts into changing your tactics, as it seems your current trend is lacking.

Heil responds:

try to double 0

whats he trying to say?

Is he trying to say that newgrounds is creating a holocoast for animation in order to let the pure and creativly Elite rain over all they survey?

Or have I missed the point compleatly.

Heil responds:

f4gg0t is a jew

Wow, a tribute to racism and suppression

Animation wasn't bad, albeit slow. While the movement of the tank parts animation was alright the edges of the the whole thing itself was a little choppy. You should probably add more to it next time instead of making it a single tank going across the screen.

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Heil responds:

i care about your opinion


It was really boring, it was just some guy with a pink head wearing a band around his arm in a tank and he was moving very slowly with Russia at night in the background. The music wasn't that bad though, I suggest you think of something more funny or entertaining next time though. Overall 0.

Heil responds:

oh man

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1.63 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2007
1:03 PM EDT
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