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Author Comments

I'm not an official member of the Lock Legion. I suppose, in the original Legion's terms, I would be considered a "poser Lock." Still, don't think that makes this completely worthless. It took about three weeks to make this.

I've taken several Dilbert comic strips from "Seven Years of Highly Defective People," "Journey to Cubeville," and "Fugitive from the Cubicle Police" (those are all real Dilbert books; look around eBay or something) and animated them, substituting the characters with members of the Lock Legion. I assigned the roles based on my best judgement and what I gathered of their personalities from watching nearly every movie in the main Lock Legion collection, and even a few more. I don't claim they're perfect matches, but I tried my best with what resources I had. For example, TrashLock in the Pointy-Haired Boss because he's the head admin of the forum. Winchester is Dilbert because, well, his shape matches Dilbert's head to be honest. As an extra game, see if you can tell who each Lock is standing in for before I reveal who during the credits.

I don't ask for you to vote 5. I just don't want this to be blammed. So... vote 3. Yeah, that's a good compromise. Vote 3. That should keep it on the site.


Oh god I hope this works.

EDIT: Just remembered, I forgot to credit the character pictures during the credits. I got those from the official Dilbert website.

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Well, it quite okay...

Well it is quite okay, but i think you should have credited the dilbert website and you should not have ripped off the images from the dilbert website.


liked it, i've never read dilbert comic strips or seen anything from that series at all but i liked the jokes, especially the market cart joke (xD)
this was the first flash i've seen from the lock legion and i liked it so far
keep up the good work man

supercomputer276 responds:

Um... I stated in the author comments that I'm not a member of the Legion... but thanks for your support anyways.

Pretty good...

This flash was pretty good, it was really really interesting because I don't really watch lock flash often. But I found it kind of boring after a while, the voices were kind of all the same type, etc. Pretty good storyline and graphics, I liked the 3D effects on some of the stuff. Good job, overall 7.

Like Dilbert.

A lot like dilbert. i liked it! but it isn't really my favorite lock flash if you know what i mean...

supercomputer276 responds:

Yeah, I wasn't really going for being the absolute best. Hey, I've only had Flash 8 for three months. I tried my best for my current level of experience, and I think I did pretty well.

just like dilbert

you hit everything right on the money. It was exactly like Dilbert and I love the cartoon, also your movie.

supercomputer276 responds:

Not to be mean, but if it was exactly like Dilbert, it'd have Dilbert in it. The lines are the same as the comics, with some of the names changed. Maybe that's what you mean.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2007
12:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody