Subordinate Droids 2

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Author Comments

Becoming an Enemy of State has taken its toll on young Hamish (8) and he's now finding it very difficult to concentrate at school. To make matters worse the Evil Government Lunatic has hatched a new scheme to rebuild his twisted army. Fortunately Hamish's best friend, the fugitive droid Rex, has been kept in a safe place for the last two months and has a few tricks of his own.

UPDATE: Thanks for daily 3rd! And for frontpage! I've only just realised- how long has it been up here?


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Check out their profiles for more info! :D


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Its allright

sorbitol responds:


getting better

Animation: 9/10
Story: 8/10


Story: ha...the evil lunatic returns...that reminds me of so many classic cartoons from the past, the lunatic get is but electrocuted, now this is entertaining ^^

Audio: was already good in the past ;)

Dynamic: all you need, and with a nice loading screen ^^

sorbitol responds:

Thanks dude!

Now this one was really difficult to do! But I do like this one.
I dabbled with some more 3D stuff too and tried to smooth out the animation.
Again, a mixed reaction from the public, inspiring an equally determined sequel!

Nothing can stop Hamish and Rex!


animation is fucking awesome

great work, keep it up

sorbitol responds:

Thanks again man!

I'll keep fighting the good fight!! :D


pretty good but the animation could have done with some work like the chareters are all 2D but the car the facrory and the machine were all 3D why not make 3D every thing it would look loads beter

sorbitol responds:

Oh lord!

Does the fact it's not entirely 3D really matter? This is a Flash website after all.
Oh well.

And killerweasel5 is just going through a very difficult stage in life.
He'll be fine :)

Ooooh, I really love this series ^_^

So good, yet so underrated. I guess *most* (and I say most, not all) of Newgrounds' community are uncultured 13 year olds who are more interested in wang jokes and gore.

I never realised Hamish was so young! But I do think he works well as a protagonist - his voice suits him and, well, as corny as this may sound, I think you show his friendship with Rex really well into only a 10 minute long Flash.

I love the theme music as well. Always watch the credits just to listen to it. And the graphics are great too. I know it's hard enough to animate in Flash, but you put the time in to make 3D objects, which I find great. The small touches are definitely what makes it <3

Anyway, as in my previous review for the first one, please keep making them; I really am enjoying these. And I hope Hamish gets a new shoe in the fourth one ;)

Also, I'm glad you like my username by the way. I like it myself if I do say so myself =D

sorbitol responds:

Hey! Thanks MoozipanCheese!

It's really cool to read your reviews!
Glad you're liking the series and I'll definitely be doing some more! In fact I've already started some of the 3D modelling for part 4.

You can actually download the song from the Audio Artists on the left of the page. It's written by a guy called Turning Japanese. It's called "I'd Rather Be Flying". And I agree, it's a great little tune!

Thanks again MoozipanCheese!! :)

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
6:41 PM EDT
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