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Guitar Boy

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A short cartoon I made about two years ago, it´s just a boy who wants to play a real guitar and be an ultimate rock star, but sometimes fade can be cruel and ironic and his dream could come and kill him.

Also on Youtube https://youtu.be/r1wbK4hUTG0

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I'm gonna give you a 3 this time! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This one was slightly more baffling than your "Idiot Box" cartoon which I actually quite liked.
I'm not sure if there was a metaphor being played out here but your Authors' comments seem to suggest so- the thing he most wanted killed him, alas!
Again, the artwork was quite decent and I smiled as the cartoon came to it's conclusion.



Animarious responds:

Thanks for your reviews.

it was

it was so so better than some of the other flashes out there

Animarious responds:


funny, short, and random as hell LIKE DANNY DEVITO

it was ok... i really can't say more than that.

It was good.

But not great.

Animarious responds:

Thanks for the review.


that was weird. What the heck is going on? Who is he talking to when the guitar impales him? Why does the guitar impale him? All questions that should be awnsered.

Animarious responds:

He´s talking to God..... I guess, you can imagine whatever you want.