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Kentucky Education

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Author Comments

*** NOTE ***
this film is about how EASY it is to get your education in kentucky.. Not because of IQ.. but because of lack of standards. As long as you can breathe and spit you can get a degree here.

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Yup another idiot.

I have to agree with the ones below. And I'm tired of Kentucky being treated as the dumb state. I am obviously from there and I'm on my way to a great education... when I figure out the college I'm going to that is. So, I'm not going to go off... but please be a little more considerate. I did give you 0 though because... I hate people like you.

I wish I could give this one negative scores......

Alright, it's been a while since I've come out of the basement on here, but this one pissed me off so much that I had to say something. First off, I am from Kentucky, and this is apparently a submission from someone else within the state since they know the education motto. Probably a flunkie that didn't graduate and was his way of "getting back at the system that failed him." You know what, forget it. I'm not even gonna start tearing this thirty second piece of trash apart because I'll end up on a tangent ten times longer than the movie itself was. Just a baby getting spanked on the ass and handed a diploma. I hope the baby takes the piece of paper, sticks it in his diaper, craps on it, and smears it all over your face. Then, when he's done, takes the diploma and shoves it down your throat. You rat bastard.

fuck you

Im from Kentucky you shithead what highschool did you go to old man oh wait you did not go to highschool you redneck now a days if you even fail math you fail that grade .
Its people like you that make people think Kentucky is an full of rednecks.


Your from kentucky and yet you put yourself down???

Your stupid!


Dude...your movie blows ass! I'm from Kentucky, and its just as hard here as it would be anywhere else. You need to get your facts strait, before you go makin' another piece of shit like this again!

Credits & Info

1.94 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2001
6:25 AM EST