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This was my entry to the "Friends of the earth" movie competition. I didn't win though :P

I decided to submit it here. Enjoy!


Pretty cool stuff

Nice animation, you definitely have a talent man, I've seen quite a few of your shorts and you do a good job. The audio went a little funky sometimes though, and it was kind of short but, other than that, nice job :)

Well Spoken Message

Very nice short film. Hmm... It showed me that you want more people to recycle. I think recycling is a great thing to do.

When I was young I thought recycling was bad because they would basically use dirty old cans and bottles and put them into new ones, haha not realizing they'd make them clean first.

I think in a recycling film you should show at least a little bit of nature. And maybe you could use a real recycling symbol, y'know for realism on where exactly to recycle.


It was okay it took a long time to load but i supose that the message got across so dats good lol u should make another one about saving water.

its good!

it was cool, and sweet. i l iked the wa y you made the clay movie, but also the spirit of recycling in order to help the worl d. good job! 3

really good

thats a really good clay movie man

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3.34 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2007
3:56 PM EDT
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