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Twisted Combat

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Author Comments

I started this a long time ago, I wanted to try a few new things. Then I gave up on that idea. Now probably about 4 or 5 months later I found it again, and liked some of what I had (the 5 seconds worth)

So I re-did a few bits, added a lot more (I mean, it's still only 30 seconds...), and now here it is!


EDIT (07/13/2020)

This animation had been taken down for using copyrighted music. It was originally "Supersonic" by Bad Religion. I song I love, but I added it at the end, and nothing was timed to fit well with that song. The new "Slam Van" song actually syncs up in a way that feels intention! So even though this animation is garbage, that's still pretty cool to see come together!

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Not bad.

As much as I don't enjoy stick fights that much, I found this one to be pretty decent. I liked how you only used frame by frame animation, and no tweens, like you stated. Indeed, you must have had a good dedication in some parts here. Also, I really liked the music, Bad Religion is a great band. And the way you ended everything "into oblivion" was nice as well.

Although... the whole "stick fight" thing is rarely very creative, since it's been done lots of times. Even though yours was good, it was still pretty short. Mind if I encourage you to make a massive one? :P Maybe not massive, but enough to finish this song entirely (which is ~2 minutes long). I'm sure it would look at lot better today...

Yeah, I'm still not the biggest fan of stick fights, although I liked this one. Improvements can be made, and I'd like to see a longer version. Also, it needs more goats.


well the guy below me does have good graphics, but its too short and the superpowers were a bit of a stretch. but i LOVE that song supersonic its my current favorite keep em' coming, review this comment. 9/10

Noodle responds:

This is a rather old work. One of my "breakings into" of the stickman scene.
It's not really for me. Some day I might make a new stick movie, but not for a long time.

And yes. Bad Religion does kick ass.

Good graphics and attacks.

Good smooth flow and awesome attacks... it just needs more to it. Keep on, keeping on.

Noodle responds:

Thanks man.
This was more of less experimental.
Someday I would love to work on a massive stick fight.
This one is rather short though. I think if I were to make a huge one, I would need a tablet. Because the mouse takes a long time trying to make such simple actions in the movie.

Not bad.

I might've liked it better if it was done with actual lines instead of the brush tool, but it was still good. The fbf looked like it took a while to do, (trust me, I know) but it probably could've been longer. I wasn't expecting like three minutes or anything, but it was pretty short. Although there are many short animations out there that I absolutely love. I dunno. Maybe this just wasn't exactly my style. But the animation was decent, and it seems like you put a good amount of time into it, so I'll give you a 7/10 and 4/5. Keep up the good work.

(And yes, every so often I like rooting through the endless animations on NG to find one I like and review it. I know I love it when people find my animations.) ;)

Noodle responds:

i don't like using the lines. not for this kind of animation anyways. the bursh has a more personal feel. and most people use lines for their sticks, makes mine stand out a little i guess.

and yes, the FBF took very bery long in some parts. not a single tween in the movie.

haha. and i usually ask people how they came across one of mine so long after submission. i like it when it happens to. and i guess it shows dedication of somebody can file through them till they find good ones

I gotta say...

You really know how to do Frame by Frame animations...I respect that kind of detail and patience.

Good, nay, great work!


Noodle responds:

thanks man. glad to hear from you. hope our little project turns out nice. *wink*

everyone else cover your ears. this is a private project. lol

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4.25 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2007
6:42 PM EDT