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Games Awry: Episode I

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The world of video games has been knocked for a loop when an evil mastermind somehow teleports all the video game heroes to different video game worlds. The confusion allows all the villains to take over their respective worlds while their heroes are absent. Now their only hope is in a video game master named Tyler who has been zapped into their world to save them all.

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okay, the idea was good, but... I couldn't even watch it all the way through. I got bored. hype up the action or something just make it better....

Nive mate

Nice mate nice ^^


O.K.. Before I get started on any inherent "flaws" in this flash, let me first say that I really like the "Captain N"-ish premise. With multiple gaming worlds, the potential for a lot of good story arcs in each could make this a great new series.

Unfortunately, the pacing of the story seems sluggish in some areas, and sped up in others (not too much in the way of balance). The art itself could be better, especially chara. wise.

Also, things like "Shigeru Miyamoto as the symbol of Nintendo" seem a little.... patronizing. Yes, I KNOW given what he's accomplished, if anyone represents Nintendo, it would be him and this could be seen as a tribute. But for some reason I can't shake the feeling that this has gone overboard in the ego-stroking, worship-him-as-your-God-and-savior dept..

This, along with the main charas. lying to Ganondorf (of all people who WOULD KNOW IN AN INSTANT) that HE was Link seems.... not very smart (maybe because I'm given the impression that 1. he's not a complete, drooling idiot from what little we can tell of his personality in the beginning and 2. He's a gamer, so he might've known better). These little bumps in the setup of things make this UNcredible and "realistic".

And I know this is a FLASH FEATURE.... BUT when little things like this happen to destroy the credibility of the overall feature, it really kills the enjoyment. I guess the reason this review is so long is, like I said, I REALLY like the premise of visiting game worlds, interacting with charas., etc..

Being a gamer since I was little does that ^_^!

If these road bumps could be taken care of in future installments like a more "accessible" figurehead to rep. Nintendo. Maybe an original character. Better dialogue and more realistic interaction, along with what this flash did right, this could be much better. Lot's of potential!

This is a nice idea..

I like the concept of this one and hope to see more of them :D

Eh, it's almost there...

First off, this premise is tired, and has been done before. There was Captain N on tv, and Metal MAverick has a similar series here on NG. That said, I didn't die watching it.; it held my attention the whole time. I like the voice acting, though the sound quality was bad and scratchy. It had a humourous tone, but wasn't really funny. The animation was also farily lackluster, though the art was decent.

I'll be watching future episodes all the same, but there's alot of room for improvement.