Update the Fascist Pig

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Based on real events. The man in this movie is still alive, please help us to get rid of this terrible person.

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Update the Fascist Pig: 0/10

There was no redeeming quality to this flash. First of all, anything that takes cheap shots at Germans gets an automatic 0 from me. The baby molestation taking place at the end would have brought the score down to -1,000,000,000 out of 10 if I could rate it that low. It's so easy to take everything out on Germans... seriously, get a life. Take a look at yourself. When you were a child, did you envision yourself making animations about babies being raped? Change yourself around before it's too late. Anyhow, I would have to say that this is the worst movie I've seen on Newgrounds to date.

Een beetje zieke geest?

It's sick, wrong and stupid! More like a StarSyndicate or a KittyKrew animation. At least, I thought the ClockCrew was better... Tell me I'm wright...

You made me throw up dude.

I just ate lunch this nasty why would you make something like this. It was horrible and the fact I saw it will cause me great distress in the future.


that was a bit disturbing with the baby bit