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Ibuki vs Makoto

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This is my first sprite movie. I believe that sound effects would make it better but I can't find any sounds from Street Fighter III. If anyone knows, please tell me. Thank you!

2020 frames | 1 minute and 40 seconds | 2000 sprites used

All original content by CAPCOM.

Music from Samurai Champloo OST.


September 3rd: Added Sound effects.


I could make something like this and Balrog Kicks every bodys ass because I love boxing:)

Lovely with a lovlier soundtrack

The sprites and frames--borrowed from Street Fighter III--are put together quite well creating an interesting match between Makoto and Ibuki. They put on a nice fight; the winner wasn't of my selection, but it was great none-the-less. The creator of this video even gave audiences a taste of what would have been in store for these fighters had they appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom.

The song was borrowed from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack and gave it a very calming; yet, action-packed vibe that suited the two fighters--and Street Fighter III--very well.

The fight was about the same length of an in game match. It was done very well. I wish the song used in this video actually was in Street Fighter III. I would love to see another flash animation done by you with any set of characters--Ok...Fine! I have a suggestions. Elena vs. Chun-li. I know who I would like to see win, but I know who will win.


i liked this more than ure dudley vs eps
i dnt know y i just did lol

This was pretty good....

This was different the frame rate was very good...it had a story and it was very entertaining


That was awesome, I love the Street Fighter series. I wanna see more fights among the rivalries in Street Fighter, or maybe SNK series like Samurai Showdown too.

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3.24 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2007
11:49 PM EDT
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