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FROSTY, the lost footage

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Mysterious film clips of Frosty The
Snowman acting in an abnormal fashion.

Author's Note: This film is dedicated to all those children who seem to sit at the table next to me at IHOP and scream their heads off.

The toon itself is actually kind of cynical and creepy so if you're idealistic about the holidays, better avoid this one.

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1. Frosty sounds like a massive idiot!
2. They keep wizzing on Frosty.
3. Frosty's a CANNIBAL!!!!!
5.That poor kid.
6. Frosty got the chair!
Wow-wee that was dark!

This was weird for me. At first, it seemed good, but then it got weak. Then it went back to being good. Overall, I'd say it was good! I really do like the gag of him being glad they went to Heaven, except for that one kid. It seems like they were drawn differently when he pooped them.

They seemed to be done in the style of "South Park". It's funny to see them all blue. I didn't know what would come of this. The electric chair execution was well executed. I had to make that joke sooner or later!

Add another artist who I wish would come back to Newgrounds. I think he's still doing stuff.

Also perfect for watching during the holidays :3

Urm Frosty... what the fuck was that coming out of your arse?


Thanks for the warning.....still pretty funny