Doraemon Merdeka(MY)

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Happy Independence day for Malaysia!...

I made this last year (chinese). When I 1st knew flash 8 (I think)
Now is nearly the 50th Independence day.


Could've been better

Hi I'm Malaysian too. I'm not a pro but this vid could've been better.
Here's a few tips:
1) Don't use lines with thickness of 1.
2)Use colours that suit the object.
3) Increase the Frames per second.
4) Draw a background.
It's not that bad though. The drawings were decent.

It was nice.

It was very nice. You should have pride in your country. Good job.

I didn't enjoy it

Sorry, dude, but this movie didn't turn me on. And why did you use Mandarin in your movie? I mean, some people might not understand it. And I think this is a weird way to show your love for Malaysia... Why are you using a Japan created cartoon in this Malaysia themed flash? There are a few Malaysia created cartoons after all. For example, Kampung Boy, Periwira Mat Gila and lots of it.

is that really ur 1st time??

when compare with the brush u made...this can call ok lah.
but the doraemon hands and pocket is a little bit not same...
seems that u like doraemon....i v u score with

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What the hell

I've seen worse graphics but besides that, that was really quite bad. Give it maybe some explanation or something? A weird cat picks up a stick and gets a flag. It was pretty lame.

Softstorage responds:

The cat is Doraemon (%u30C9%u30E9%u3048%u3082%u3093), it is a Japanese manga(comic) series created by Fujiko F. Fujio.
He has a lot of useful & not so useful gadgets. And this one is made when I 1st time using flash 8 ...

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2.62 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2007
7:10 AM EDT
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