Shame by the Slice 2

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(update 8/24/07) Hey all. Check my userpage from time to time in the following months to see progress on SAMV. I will most likely do an update tonight. Thanks for all your support, stay cool.

Hello everyone, and thanks for looking at Shame by the Slice 2! I'm proud of how this turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it.

***I respond to all reviews. Even if it gets 1000 reviews, I will respond to them all.***

Thanks to everyone who reviewed part 1! I got a lot of great feedback, and a lot of it I really found useful. I tightened up the timing, made some subtle changes and added a playhead and scene select to this feature. Things my other toons could have really used.

Thanks, of course, to all my friends and family who kept me working on this. And to Newgrounds!

So, enjoy this chunk of my life while I go fetch a beer.


I had originally planned to have a lot more easter eggs, but I literally ran out of frames. Scenes just froze up. Oh well, I'll have to make a blooper reel or something.

THREE ENDINGS!!! Admittedly, they are a little similar.

The original file was so complex that I could not export a .swf file as my computer ran out of RAM. I had to pare down the library until I could get it to compile.

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sex crimnal

that was good and weird. plese make a 3rd 1


after quite a while with no computer, this was one of the first things i came looking for, superb, like the first very origional and humorous, good job man. 5/5 9/10

Amazingly funny and original

I gotta give a perfect score to this; I really enjoyed both episodes as they kept me entertained and laughing during almost the entire episode. Idk where you get your ideas but they are great and I enjoy all your flashs. Hope you make a new flash soon I love watching these, and after working fast food alot when I was a teenager, trust me I've seen some weird stuff, though never seen the manager having sex with a hot chick's poo. LOL.


Even better than the first one! I love all the endings...I think the one with the clown was the scariest, though. Great job with this!


I love this series so much thank you!