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Fire from the Heavens

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I really have no idea how anyone will react to this. All I can really say is watch it, cause if I say anything it just gives it away.

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i wish that can hppen 2 me when im play some games

i wish that can happen 2 me when im play some games


It was nice lol what game's that man?

Sephi-hatu responds:

Gears of War. I credit it at the end ;)


lol that was pretty funny

Not Bad

It was enjoyable.

I liked the first half

I liked your animation and when the satelitte goes in front of the sun it looked really good. The music is a little cliche but thats fine but then it disappears about halfway through...which is no good. The second half needed some bad-ass music or something the silence ruined it. Fans of the game will like it but...I would have liked to see more of your animation than some crappy video clips, the joke gets old fast and is never really funny. Blow up buildings you drew or have it write something on the planet.

Sephi-hatu responds:

There wasnt sound in the second half of the animation for you? Thats weird. Musta been your browser or something. The songs supposed to take the whole animation.