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On YouTube there's this meme thing going around where people make really lame music videos depicting the "misheard lyrics" of "Wishmaster." I had to jump on this bandwagon.

So it's been done so many times before, and maybe it's even getting old, but nobody's ever done it like I did it, I'm confident.

What started out as a stupid side project has morphed into something that took way to much of my time and effort to be a stupid side project. Wow I have no life. Enjoy.

EDIT: If anyone wants to compare this to the original on youtube, here it is:
Also some of the content in here are inside jokes leading back to my other cartoons, available on here and on my website www.cutencreepy.net (several of them are exclusive to Cute N Creepy)

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Was a great vid compared to any other misheard lyrics i've seen... flash is obviously alot better here than windows movie maker. Just to point this out though, the man brian peppers isn't who you think he his http://www.aidsmonkey.com/peppers.php , so now you can see that he is really sad and defenseless.

Hilarious 'cept the intermission

Graphics: 6

On some parts, it is poorly drawn and difficult to tell what item or thing is in question,

howevwer graphicalwiseness on selecting what item to display and ingenuousness on handling the lyrics make up for that its hard to follow because of fast speed, like the text is usually very big to read and BOOM! His Noodly Appendage hits you right across the face in one part, a point that would seem hard to explain graphically at first.

Style: 6

Some of the punchlines are hard for me to understand and it goes by a little too fast to take a grip of. however during the course of the movie I do learn to accept the ingenuousness of sme sulutions like why you putting your own character in some part of the movie. I understand it IS you in there....?

Sound: 8

Lets put it this way: I like Nightwish ALTHOUGH I am finnish. even though it took like zero effort from you exept to synch the voices to the animation, just by selecting a good music you get a good score.

Violence: 6

Violence is all grapical. *coughcough* puns intended.....

Interactivity: 4

One button to play the movie with, and a second one to replay and it starts instantly after that.

Humor: 7

I have to admit, I laugh out loud every time I see that "Hardcore poooorn..... will find a wayyyyyyy...." part where first theres a porn magazine and suddenly its seen inside a rocket lol! also many other fun parts, Skarmory and Hurricane Rolf ownz the day!!! lol. and where did you find a picture of Ron Jeremy dressed as Mario???

However, a BIG minus to you from the intermission part. I was BORED to death while trying to keep up and read the text that was appearing on the screen right in the middle of a fast paced movie. WHY didn't you make like a small game with buttons or something istead of that crap, SHEESH! it eats out the interactivity, even.

Overall: 6

A pretty average lyrics spoof. It has more twists and mishearings than maybe your average Joe's edition. If, on top of this you like Nightwish music you may enjoy this.


lol hurricane rolph


Nice but you are a little bit late. This has been done before you and some lyrics are the same.

Kaldron responds:

I'm well aware, I got the idea to do this one after witnessing how awfully half-assed all the other ones on YouTube are. I think I one-upped them good. ^_^

That was awesome!

That cracked me up. I'm a big Nightwish fan and thought this was brilliant. OK the quality of the animation itself wasn't great, but it didn't take away from the comedy genius. Well done good sir, well done!

Kaldron responds:

Thanks a lot man. Much appreciated.

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Aug 16, 2007
5:16 PM EDT
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