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Author Comments

Hello everyone!
In Drawman you play as a drawing with the crispest paper, who must defend it from evil greedy drawings.
Controls: (you can view more in-depth controls in the instructions)
Move with your mouse, left click to place the current weapon, swap weapons with 1, 2, 3 keys.
WSAD fire missiles

This is my first game, so please write a review up, and give me some future advice!

The entire game was programed and designed by Peejaroni, the better drawings were by Mr. Sun, and it was sponsored by the FlashNinjaClan. ENJOY!

p.s. Post your top score if you write a review, I'd like to see what you guys get.


Good, definately can be improved.

This is good, but it can be much better.

Heres some suggestions on how to make it better.

Rather than pressing buttons on keyboard for the weapons make it so you have to draw them, but you have to choose color for certain weapons. And have Multi-Colored weapons that you can draw with more than 1 color, they have speacial propertys, such as a red, and blue shape would make it purple, which could make a bomb in a circle, say you make 1 half red 1 half blue, then they would fuse, if any thing touches it, it will explode in to a circle of missiles. If you make red and yellow, it will make orange, if made, it will make a trampoline like wall or walls. Or you could add a main weapon that swats at enemys.
And finaly have LEVELS, not too many people like going on a constant level killing random things in video games.

Peejaroni responds:

Thanks for the input, and the suggestions,
The thing wth most of your suggestions, is that they are all really complicated. I really like the idea of mixing colors, but the whole circle thing and whatever would be hard for someone who is looking for five minutes of fun to pick up that quick. (that is about how long I speant re-reading that part of your review until I kind of understood it :()
The last thing about levels, I was considering adding levels early on, but since this is my take on an arcade game, trying to turn it into an adventure game just didn't seem right. I DO have a killer idea using a similar principle, which I may eventually get to. (Or I may not)

not half bad

A great idea, though I got bored with it kinda quickly. There wasn't a ton to do. If there was more of a layout to the level, it would've been more interesting. I mean like you can move around a world of paper or something. Either way, nice work. But, like I said, i got bored and stopped when i had a score of 26.

Peejaroni responds:

Well, I see your point with getting boared with it quickly, but at 26 the most interesting bad guys were still to come.


It was an interesting game, younger kids would probably like this more.

Peejaroni responds:

Thanks, I guess you are right it would be great for kids, although I bet it would at least be a bit fun for everyone.


has the potential to be a great game.
Things to improve
larger sheet of paper
a few more weapons
maybe by drawing shapes bonuses happen.
and anything else
if you do this you will get a daily place

Peejaroni responds:

Thanks for reviewing!
to increase the size of the paper would mean having large dimensions, which can be a pain for people with small resolution screens. 550x400 is the standard, and it helps out the site if you keep it the same.
I actually started making a "lasso" weapon, but when I finished it, it didn't really add anything to the game, and it caused alot of lag.
I was considering something about the shapes thing you said, but I ran into the problem of my limited knowledge of actionscript, if I had began this game now, I may have been able to figure something out, but that would require me making another game to learn actionscript it :(
Anyways, thanks for the review :)


Really good game, I enjoyed it....but the "pen" is kind of tacky....because it doesn't draw like a proper pen, in like a line...it just shoots square objects out...but nevermind, it was still good.

Peejaroni responds:

I'm glad you liked the game, way back when I began making this, I didn't know several things about actionscript, and a few of them would have let me make it less tacky, but by the time I learned all those things, I was working on my next game.
I glad you reviewed it.

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Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2007
12:46 PM EDT
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