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BrokeClock Mountain

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I have no explanation for this movie. Enjoy.

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yes it was funny but ....mmmmmm well i don't have the words to explain it o i'l stick to....yes it was funny lol

Quite funny.

That was pretty good but why always hate on Rupee Clock? As for the flash it had great animation and some funny antics to it but this doesn't even compare to your Clock Day flash last year but this was still a good one. :)

Very nice! :D

Nice graphics, funny story and clocks, PERFECT :D

You also made good use of Speakonia, I like that. :3 I thinks this game is a little bit underrated cuz it's a clock movie. I think it's very awesome and funny and I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, keep it up ToadClock! :)


Another flash I meant to... [700]

... review back in August 2007. I made a shortcut to 20 movies from Clock Day 2007 and only reviewed about 15 of them that month, so... this is long overdue, needless to say.

This flash... earned my five both that day AND this.... due to containing the old NG vote "ping." That alone was enough. I can't believe this baby ain't been reviewed in 2008 yet. So here I am to fix that.

But of course there was plenty more to it that's deserving of high marks other than the great PING! First off, I've never actually seen teh BBM movie, so there may be some IN-jokes to the funs here, but no matter, it's enough of a pop culture thing that you don't even need to have seen it to enjoy teh parodies. This movie was probably begging to be made.

Coal and Rupee's wives/gfs/wotevahs' reactions to their SEKRIT ACTIVITIES AND RELATIONSHIP are great. As is the house destruction scene. But why does that strange white bunny clock thing wanna kill Rupee so bad? IS HE TEH HOMOPHOBE?

In short.... Well done! Oh, and I love the movie review you added in. Sure, it's fake. But actual movie studios fake movie reviews in their own trailers ALL THE TIME. So there.


You're one of the better Clock authors, I believe! Amazing graphic quality! The preloaders were pristine! An all around well thought out masterpiece! Don't quit producing winners like these!