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This was rushed for clockday so it may contain bugs.

Golden clock is called upon to save all the clock flashes stolen by the evil keyhole klub!

Collect the orbs to upgrade your weapon status. The HUD displays you Health an shield on the right. In space, you will have a shield and on the planet you will have a bomb.
If you have trouble seeing whats happening or experience lag, pause (with P) during the game and go to options, there you can set various graphic and sound options.

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madness is alot funner but they should make more

i like clock day but this doesnt work i like action more action

Quite fun to play

You can always go back to old Clock Days and take a look back at some truly amazing stuff that you guys have given us. I was amazed at the creativity and graphics of this. The only problem is that it was a bit annoying with how you had to change your weapon to hit a certain target. I am just so used to doing nothing but blowing stuff up one after another. I really like the clock designs that were used in the cut scenes. The graphics overall are done really well, especially StrawberryClock in his ship.

Room for improvment

Game is ok but it's still contains some problems such as the first level because the ships are already fast by that I mean the ships seem to already have adapted the you ships attacks which makes targeting them to difficult to hit them since they move to fast which the first level should have not been since people can get passed it do to skills of the enemy ships that are difficult to destroy

needs improvment

ok but a bit on the boring side

Ok but needs work

This would be better but you seem to automatically die at the start of one of the later levels and I haven't found a work around.