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Happy Clock Day everyone. I was unable to submit a Clock Day flash last year, so I felt it was important to submit one this year. It is incredible rushed, and sucks big time. Other then that, enjoy!

It's a normal day in Clocktopia for Finland Clock, but is everything as it seems?

Edit: The sound is kinda fucked up, don't know why, but I'll fix it later. I also forgot to credit CD Clock and AMPM Clock.

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Pretty good.

Though it had not much of an ending it was a pretty sweet Clock day short,nice plot to it but i just didn't understand how he get shot in the head,also nice touch of having the kid say the Clock Crew loves everyone that was pretty cool,overall nice job on this. =)

Well it was okay.

When I see this submission I am reminded of what you might call a date movie. You know how the guy dates a girl and then ends up having sex and the like, and that's really a good part of this submission. But on top of that it really isn't the only good part of the submission, the graphics in particular are really quite original and provide a simple cool style to the submission that no other submission seems to. The story itself is rather simple, but funny at the same time, I most definatley enjoyed it.

Good points
1. Style- nothing says good stuff like style, and this submission has it.
2. Watch ability- A flash isn't good if you can't or won't watch it, but here you have no problem.
3. Entertains- this submission in particular really does a nice job in entertaining the person watching.

The bad
1. A weird white spot on the bottom, it appears the animation is done slightly over top the bottom, and it takes your mind away from the story at hand.
2. It also happens to be a bit slow in my eyes.

All in all though I really liked this submission. It had basically your "movieesque" type feeling and I really liked seeing that. The style was cool and it entertained really.

Would I recommend this though? Hell yes! This was one of the better submissions overall, I have seen for cc day, and I most defiantly like it. Good job.

Really great movie

I really loved the graphics. Fucking well done, man.

excellent movie

i like a lot your drawing style, quite in the start, but was a great movie with an annexpected end, nice movie, I VOTE FIVE!

(sorry i dont write good in english)

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
9:37 PM EDT