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300 Clocks trailer

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I came on at about 6 and said "OMG ITS CLOCK DAY?" so i made a little submission, nothing fancy.

I did all the backgrounds in Photoshop
all the clocks in flash

hope u guys like it!



It seems like each one of these submissions seems to have something wrong with it, and I think that this submission really doesn't seem to be that great. I mean the graphics are poor and any sliver of story to the submission is really quite lame. Not a good submission in my eyes.


u can do better than that

Roflmao02152 responds:

haha kyle it took like an hour to make =P

i was gonna make the whole trailer but i couldnt get just the audio for the trailer..
so i put walk it out in haha

eat lead sucka dogs

lol id kick you in the ass if i wasnt gonna lose my foot. but nice submission, the cliff scene was like super slowmo. which means your dog is gay for you but. you know. it probably wont get blammed. i give it a 5

I am not familiar with clocks.

But this was pretty funny. Good work, Nick.


Even for a trailer, it seems kind of short. Also, it looks like you spent more time at the end credits than the actual movie. Since its a trailer, I;ll give it a neutral score of 6. Here's a tip: Give the clocks bodies, because they barely look like the clocks we all know and love. Also, make it a bit longer. The beginning was pretty good though.

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3.85 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
9:35 PM EDT