Clock Shorts ep. 2

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I have fixed the parts where speech was cut off early, and tryed to make repeating effex.

THis is the second episode in the series, in it, me and my friends get fed up with crappy rpg's and made our own. a little long, but funny. and please remember to vote it into the clockday 07 section, and don't bail half way, it gets actiony! And thanks to all who voted above 2! And YES, this was MADE IN POWERPOINT FIRST.


if only....

if that was a real game i would never stop playing!

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WCCC responds:

neither would i, unless swirly actually powned me lol.


minty blew you guys AWAY!

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WCCC responds:

he sure did.

good stuff

this is probly my 2nd favorite cause its funny and its got good action scenes!
and it introduces mintccc, but why did you rarely use him in the series other than anti-swirley?

but all in all awesome good movie!

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WCCC responds:

because minty's my grampa and most are episodes about the stupid things me and my freinds do, but my grampa will be in mor eepisodes in the future.

i swear

if that was a real game. I WOULD PLAY IT EVERY DAY!

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WCCC responds:

so would i.

Good but some flaws

Good vid but some flaws in it like sometimes the animation was a bit slow and it took a bit long for them to finish making a character.
Also I noticed the lack in music during the action, so yeah.
I would've rated it 3/5 stars but since most of these ppl rated and didnt even finish the vid im giving you a 5, and a 9 on the Review's rating.

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WCCC responds:

THank you, i really appreciate that. in the powerpoint version, you only hav one sound stream at a time, so if had music and then a gunshot, it would stop the music, i can try to fix the timings and add in some music during combat ifyou want, because in conversion i get 2 sound streams =D.

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4.18 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
7:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Original