Strawberry Clock Speaks

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Happy Clock Day Everyone! Down with the glocks!!!!!


(title in work)

Hehe, the premise of this was pretty funny. From what I gather, lots of sexy porno will deflect a rocket aimed at the clocks and send it back to glock city. Odd but definitely funny. It was also kind of neat how you set this up to look like a news channel. The animations were definitely kind of stale though, I think that really brought this down, as everything was just looping faces and such.

are youe people serious??

ok, are you all serious? first of all, this is not an original flash, so unless its really badass it shoudlnt have more than 3.0 score.

Second, it was a crappy copy of the original Clocks, there was barely any animations in this, and no thought was put in this flash.
the sound was crappy, i could barely understand what they were saying.
there was absolutely no plot line... im sorry, but this is just not good stuff... ill give it a 2, because it IS nothing that good or interesting. Try adding stuff from your own mind next time, and some plot behind it.

Swim-The-Swan responds:

come on man, dont be a buzzkill on clockday. You should submit something, everythings gettin high scores today

happpy clock day!

that was an amazingly well made flash. all my 5 are belong to this. happy clock day.

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3.81 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
6:56 PM EDT
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