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ClockDay Stuff 4

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Hi, this is a lame movie i've made, enjoy.

Have a happy Clockday 07.

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I feel like I've seen this before, but still feel better encouraged than ever for clock day 2007

Not good.

I really did not like this submission at all, it did not have anything special or amazing about it and because of that I did not enjoy it. There appears to be a lack of any real story in this submission and you know without a story there really isn't much of a reason to watch the submission. All in all, not a good submission.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A little mix of clocks and a little bit of animutation mixed in. Smooth animations in here and some interesting use of the lyrics to make this more interesting.

^^Needs Improving^^
It's really short. I am a fan of animutations, but they really need to be longer to be interesting. Really, that's my only complaint. A lot of people don't like the genre of these random music videos though.


Sweet! You finally made something new! I've been waiting for a new animation by you for a while! This movie made up for the waiting and it made me ROFL! Happy clockday Auberginelock! W00T! =D

haha epic

i loved it with my body tight. Also, that .gif you used from the video of Buck Dich at Live Aus Berlin wasn't it? I remember laughing at that goofy looking guy who's all in to it when Till has his willy out

AubergineLock responds:

Haha, yeah that's from Buck Dich (Bird Dish lmao), with the crazy guy with glasses headbanging to extreme amounts of penile exposure. Cheers much for the review :)

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4.54 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
4:42 PM EDT

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