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SBC - Taking the portal

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Author Comments

This movie is incomplete. I ran out of time. I intend to finish it by September.

I don't really have much to say, I did put real work into this one, I got tired of the spam that I submitted the last 2 years..

Late edit.
Cool! Made it to the collection page! Thanks NG!

Later edit (9/23/07)
I have no idea when I will finish this fucking movie. At this rate, it will be done for next clock day.
I have not worked on this thing since clock day....

Later later edit (10/1)
I did some work on it, check the blog on my site (not userpage) if you are crazy enough to care.

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Actually pretty good for being incomplete

Over all 4 stars

Ps I love how you used endless handbag on the menu as the music lol


Unfinished is an understatement. There is nothing to get into, so its barely started.

IMO it really doesn't matter how much potential a movie has if it doesn't get anywhere.

Yes, some of the art, such as the image of the NG office and server, is very good, but other parts were very poor such as the scribbled people , so I don't rate it and would not have kept it. The music is not exactly exciting or original and there should have been all sorts of sounds too.

so i herd this flash was by aksumka

its not bad, im surprised the score is this good given it wasn't finished, no offense. I'm giving it an 8 based just off of what i saw, which was pretty good. The animation was okay, but it was really the style and subject that made me like it. Regardless, ill still pwn ur pyro

Aksumka responds:


Not again!

Another great flash that could have been actually great,finish your flashes people i get so dissappointed when a flash starts great and then pow a scene happens where you say the flash isn't finished or didn't have time for it or you forgot about Clock Day. :(

Would have been nice if..

This would have been a nice submission had you actually finished it and that's really the only thing that happens to be hurting this submission. The graphics were okay, although they did not blow me away at all, they did do the job they were meant to do. The storyline was also wquite unique and cool to see, it's to bad that you did not finish it.