A Driving Game

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If I get enough positive feedback I might add a few stages to this or make something else, similar to this.


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By today's standards, simple. By 2001 standards, amazing. All of the cinematics have the trademark style to them of awesome angles and slow motion. You were early on the lens flare craze, and back then people didn't make fun of it as much.

More importantly, the game is just fun. There's a significant difference between the right lane and left lane, which makes the gameplay fairly realistic. I also like that the one level is the same each time - it gives players a chance to experiment with trial and error, and the really tough move at the end is a perfect little kicker to screw people up.

It would have been nice if this had an arcade mode with randomly placed cars, but that's really the only thing that would have made this better. Great game.

Cool game!

I can't even tell you how much this reminds me of the car chase in Wicked Negative. Sweet.

cool =)

i thought this was funny =)
i thought it was funny because the car is shaped like a can =)
also because when you crash there are cut scenes like flipping over in the wind
and a huge explosion when crashing =)


i dont realy like gamebut i will vote on em!
i like it but like the other dude said it needs i story line.
and you need a choice if cars.
you should have wider road.
but it is cool.

Good but room for improvment

a decent game i dnt care what any1 else says,good overall easy to contorl easy to understand ,the bad side: should of made the game longer,more interesting (maybe add a story-line to it) deffinatly add a scoring system to it. My personal overall rating **** out of ******

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3.18 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2001
5:15 PM EST
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