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Those darn bugs!

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Author Comments

Avoid the darn pesky bugs but be careful, they might try to ambush you.

Background music loop from the Flash kit website.

Edit: I have cleaned up the grass a bit. Hopefully that helps your gaming experience.

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Not the best

But still ok...

The graphics are not good, but not bad either...

Overall a good enough game for a one time play, but not worth playing more than once...

It is addicting

I played 12 times and Highest level i got to is 22 O_O


wow you must be realy good lookin to have so many friends to five this.

graphics = failure
random = hardly, and if so, it was the exact same thing over and over again

you progress way to fast. you couldent take the time to use somthing besides a radial gradient on everithing c'ept the bugs and the back round. jesus. you must be like jesus or somthing.

nabibrian responds:

Good looking. Thanks!

I have not enticed anyone to 5 any of my flash submissions.

I am NOT Jesus but I like cheeses :P

Level sixteen.=[

Your games are a blast, consider yourself favourited.=]

nabibrian responds:

Gee. Thanks!


Did you even try that was crap it made me feel like throwing up,
If newgrounds didnt have this crap all over it, it might be an ok flash portal

nabibrian responds:


I'm sorry you felt like throwing up.