Clock Spirit 2007

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Happy Clock Day!

This is different from normal clock stuff because it doesn't have fruit.


Haha good stuff.

That was pretty ironic how the story went down,thought it was a clock flash then it ended up being a regular flash about how a guy got a clock thrown at his face,excellent idea there and decent animation to go with it.

It was nice.

This submission really wasn't bad by any means, but I found it to be rather lackluster overall. So many of these submissions seem to be good, but no great, and this submission was one of those types of submissions. The graphics in this submission were soild and detailed and I liked the story itself a lot too. A good piece of flash.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Quite an interesting submission you have here. You got it right when it wasn't the average Clock Day submission, and I liked that fact. It had some funny dialogue and some funny characters. Nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
Could have been a little longer. Quite short in my opinion.

pixelz responds:

I made it on Clock Day, I don't really care about the clocks, but I just like participating in Clock day. I thought it was short too, but couldn't figure out what to do after that.
Thanks for the review and head over to toastarcade.wordpress.com!


it was ok not the best oh and if you didn't notice you spelled play wrong

pixelz responds:

Thats how the pre-loader came, paly is a funny internet term, I didn't want to tamper with the pre-loader because there was lots of stuff in it.

Happy Clock Day!

kinda funny

wasint good wasint great it was OK

pixelz responds:

Short I know, found out about Clock Day yesterday. Completely forgot and just went with something. I had fun animating it and it is clock day so.... happy clock day!

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
10:38 AM EDT
Comedy - Original