Jackin' it.

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The tale of a man who is pressured into many things by his friends. Does he have a personality of his own or is he a vessel for his friends' wicked desires? The man finds something that makes him unique. That thing is masturbation.

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hay man taht wuz cool but i think u still have my

tony hawk i left it over at ur house last week when we slept over and stayd up all nite playing halo 2 and wahcing utube videos hahah rememkber when jackson throew up after we rubbed peanut butter on his face when he was sleeping. he started crying and kept saying he was alerigic to peanut butter. his face swalld up and then he passed out so we drew pee pees on him hahah ownd but reeelly i want my tony hawk bak i think i can beat the mall level now i figurd out how to jump

b3nnic3 responds:

MAN HOW DO YOU JUMP!!!!!! ive been tryin 2 figur that out for ages. dude this one time i was playin STONY hawk (hahahahah 420!!) and i rolled up this hill and i did a 180!!! every time i tried to do that i beefed it i was so happy that i turned on american idiot by greenday and ROCKED OUT FOR LIKE 15 MINUTES but my sister came in and i didnt see her and i knocked her over by accident and she fell on my playstation and cut her head man i was in so much trouble i tried to hide it from my mom but i guess there was too much blood and she was screaming that i knocked her down WHICH IS A LIE I DIDNT DO THAT and i got sent to my room with no dessert and mom took away my playstation and then my dad came home and he spanked me and grounded me for like 4 days!! it was so fukken gay man who needs parents. ahahah good think i got my puter otherwise i would have been relly bored for those 4 days.

E fucking PIC!

That was the 3rd most EPIC thing on this site.
2.Furry Fabbots Ep 1
Masturbating stickmen FTW!

b3nnic3 responds:

shut da fuk up

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
10:35 AM EDT
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