Clocks Can Ruin Your Life

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I usually say I hate this day, but its more like I love to hate it. It gives me a great reason to stop being lazy and make flashes: to mock this stupid shit day you all adore so much.

Again, reviews are not only welcome, but encouraged, I respond to them all!

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knock knock!
who's there?
a mundane movie, trying to pass as an intellectual comment about the clockcrew's futility.

yes, this movie was indeed (slightly) better than your other ''anti-clock'' movies, but it was wrong on some parts:

-the clockcrew is not making repetitive jokes, let alone creating ''knock knock'' jokes.
if you actually watched some of the good CC movies, you would see that there is a large variety in comedies, parodies, and even in serious, dramatic movies, regarding either fictional, philosophical issues, or irl events that occured in the CC's forums, one way or another...

-in your movie, you claim that the clockcrew is making ''the same repetitive jokes'', and you depict a couple ''knock knock'' jokes, in order to emphasize your point.

however, if there's someone making ''the same repetitive jokes'', that's you, and we can see that you are using the same joke 3 times, aka the:

''remember when i said i was your (insert status here)? well... not anymore!''

so, while you are complaining that the CC is making the same jokes over and over again, you did the SAME exact thing in your movie...
and i shouldn't even mention that you use the same unfunny jokes in your other anti-clock movies as well...

so yeah, once again, you have/you display the exact same qualities that you hate:
you make the same things again and again, you use the same jokes again and again, and you are always using the same theme again and again.

at least, in this animation, you actually tried to create something different, so i guess thats pretty good enough for you.

however, your movie wasn't funny, it also wasn't informational, nor very enjoyable to boot.
so yes, you should add more jokes, and you could make this movie longer, by adding a scene where you explain what should happen in the CC, in order for them to improve and to become better as a creative team.
(suggestions and constructive criticism are always GOOD things, so if you would have added that into your movie, along with some humour in the way, i believe that this would improve your movie alot...)

anyways, this was an OK animation, with OK visuals, and a complete lack of humour, while all the jokes were repetitive. at least it had nice graphics and OK voice-acting.

The knock knock jokes were cute

But as an over all video, I'd have to say I really didnt' think it was that funny. Maybe try making it longer, do a rant that makes valid points on how much you really dislike them. I honestly thought that you could have made the video longer by going through the motions, you know? Not just saying, "Hey, here's the end! now go away." This could have been much better.
Nice try.


that was hilarious; nice work.

Har Har. :P

That was a really funny Clock Day flash,the idea was very creative on how making a stupid Clock movie and showing it to those around you can get you highly dissed,solid animation and great voice acting too just an overall great job. :)


Well I have to be honest with you I see the point you're trying to get across and I see how lame some of the clock jokes really are, but not all clocks are like that. It's hard not to enjoy at least a few of their submissions every now and again and it's hard to not laugh at some of the stuff they give out. I found this to not be a bad submission at all actually, I found this to be done really quite well. Nice job.

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Aug 15, 2007
9:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody