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Not another Clock Day swf

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Author Comments

Haha, fooled you. It had to be done.


Cool little E-Card.

Nice background and i liked how the tape player spat out Bs as sound all to a song that had a damn good beat to it,all in good fun. :)

Basically the same thing.

Although this was basically the same thing as a one framed submission I did not hate this submission at all, I found it to be really quite interesting actually. The thing that really makes this submission stand out is the cool audio that you gave it, it really is quite nice to listen to and I really enjoyed it. The green clock thing did not seem to have any actualy name though and that's not that great of an idea, it would have been nice to see some actual, normal clock. I also found the ground, in this background to be really quite dull, I found it to be really very undetailed and very lame overall. The radio itself wasn't badly drawn, but again the lines were uneven and for the most part it wasn't that great. The sky in the background was quite nice though and I really quite enjoyed that part of the submission. I also rather enjoyed the whole deep line thing that went with the moon. The animation of the shadow was also quite cool to see.

The good.
1. Music- Can't have something good without it.
2. Watchable- although there was nothing really to this submission you did like to watch it.

The bad
1. No story- There wasn't any story to it and I found that to be quite lame.
2. Basically one frame- barely any animation at all to be honest with you, which isn't really that good.

Overall, I would have to say that it wasn't that good overall. There really wasn't a lot to it and it did not really have anything special to it. Now that's not to say that I didin't like it, in fact I really rather enjoyed it, but there wasn't really much to this submission and that's where this submission was hurt.

Would I reccomend it though? Well despite the fact that I like this submission, I probably would not simply because there isn't any real entertainment value at all to it.

But since I do like it I am giving this my very biased score of seven. Consider this review something special too.

Woah, actual animation!

Oh wow! A Clock Day flash that actually has animation in it is always a bonus.

Well Frostbreath, the drawings weren't too bad, and the music fit the animation just right. It was a sweet tribute, and here's hoping you make more next year. :)

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
9:23 AM EDT