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Author Comments

Enjoy the scenery.

And Happy Clock Day ^.^

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It's a great picture. I like the sun the most. The lightening there is almost perfect.

There's some snow missing on top of the mountain in the background, though. :P

Oh, and that little of white on the left side of the picture should be removed, too. ^^

Happy (belated) Clock Day. ;)

Auz responds:

Thanks for your review Haggard. And thanks for your compliments about the sun, I thought that was the best part of the picture too. I also noticed that thin white line on the left side. Unfortunaley I can't edit it right now since I don't have flash anymore, so I'll just have to leave that as it is.

Happy belated clockday to you as well :p


i have to say tht is GREAT id never make anything like tht u all my 5 R belong to this.
10/10 5/5

Auz responds:

Wow, you really think so? :p It´s alright I guess, compared to the drawings of quite a few other flashes aroud here. But all in all it´s not even a real flash movie and does not really belong in the flashportal.

But oh well, thanks for your review :)


Looks like someone decided to submit on Clock Day too, rather than just protecting submissions. ;)

It's really cool, Auz. Looks very detailed and realistic. It doesn't have any real animation, so I can't give it a perfect 10. However, it does look like you worked pretty hard on it, so it still deserves a decent score.

Nice Clock Day submission, pal. Congrats on the batting average too!

Auz responds:

Thanks for your review Jake (and sorry for the late response).

I´m glad you liked my drawing. I can´t really say that I worked that hard on it as it only took me a few hours or so. It was just a practice drawing actually, but since it was clockday I thought what the heck let´s submit it and see what the people think. Of course I also wanted to get my ba up :)

But anyways, thanks again for your review Jake.

Could be better

Although you should have submitted a flash, you could have posted this in the art forum. It looked pretty good though.

Auz responds:

Hmm, I never thought of that actually :) But it´s in the flash portal now, so I´ll just keep it there. Thanks for your review skreetch.


In my opinion, the picture is awesome and I don't think there's anything to improve on, except for the bit of white on the far left of the flash there. :P Oh, and Happy Clock Day!


Auz responds:

Happy clock day to you too ^.^

Yeah I noticed the white stripe on the left, kinda strange :/ I don´t think it was there when I "tested" it. But meh.. whatever. Thanks for your review Bahamut :)