The Death of Mozilla

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This is really my way of ending the Mozilla series. It wasn't going anywhere. Happy Clock Day everyone!


Funny Clock short.

I liked it,solid animation and it was quite funny too but a big diss on Mozilla but hey even Mozilla isn't sacred here now is it? :P

FattyWhale responds:

Nah, he's dead.

It was okay.

I found this submission to be really rather lame overall, I mean it wasn't badly done it just failed to really capture my attention and I just did not like it because of that. The graphics were solid and the humour in this submission was really nice, good job.

FattyWhale responds:

I see!

a clock day flash

oh snap. Mozilla didn't have a gift for the king. Graphics were decent. Great use of robot voices for the clocks. This is a decent clock movie. It's much better than the others that I saw on clock day. nice work!

FattyWhale responds:

Hehe, yeah, Clock day sees a lot of crappy movies. Glad you liked it!

More detailed...

...Than your other Clock Day entry, I'll grant you. This one was too damned short, but it did have some endearing points:

The characters were detailed nicely - not over the top, like some artists this year and at least you have made an effort. The pitch of Speakonia was changed, so that each clock who spoke had a 'different' voice. Both of these are definate boons for your piece.

I know you've got creative talent, so start now with your 2008 piece! Put some effort in and come back to us next year with something based around that awesome camera pitch that you had. Maybe with a plot, we'll be onto something worthy of note in the collection!

[Review Request Club]

FattyWhale responds:

yeah, I really should have put more time and plot into a movie next time. I just don't like Flash that much!

I loled hard

-Good graphics
-Good story


~Review Request Club~

FattyWhale responds:


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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
6:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody