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cc - ultamite food thief

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this is my clockday flash! I thought I'd submit something special today! this is my first flash with sound!
find the easter egg!

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yeah this wasnt that good now i am aware this is your first flash to get passed judgement so im not gonna be to harsh but it wasnt that bad most of the time it was just a frame and then actual animation but there wasnt that much anyways over all 2 stars

Work on your animating skills.

This wasn't that good to be honest,the animation was slack at best and the flash wasn't funny either though it did have a cute song to it,practice more and try again.

aListers responds:

It was my first flash with audio! It wasn't edited much after it was done! I guess it was good I chose that song for the flash, it was the main good part of it! I'm working on the sequel and the animation is better.


People of Newgrounds Smegheads movie was great

aListers responds:

I'm not saying it's not helpful but you should tell me why it's good! But thanks anyway!

Found it hard...

I found it hard to really enjoy this submission because the animation was so poor that I found it hard to keep up with it. I mean its not to say that this was bad, you just did not have anything great with it, there was no background and there was no real story to it, which made it really rather dull and boring. Overall, not something I liked.

aListers responds:

I know what you're saying! Next time I'll put a background to it but this was made summer last year and updated before clockday last year! I've become better and the story will make more sence next time!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Well, it was a good effort. I liked the music and the randomness of this whole thing was kind of comical.

^^Needs Improving^^
Work on making your animations make some sense. All of these animations were kind of quick and it was hard to tell what was going on. The graphics were kind of low quality, like they were imported JPEG's or something. Also, maybe some backgrounds would make this more interesting.

aListers responds:

yeah! I'm not good at making things make sense! see! yeah! they wer imported JPGs and BMPs! And also I was a noob at the time making this flash so I didn't make a background!