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[CC] Clock Day '07

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Author Comments

This is my submission for Clock Day 2007. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy this Clock Day.

To all my fellow Stat Whores, May you enjoy a plethora of Protection Points.
To all the Clocks out there, Enjoy this day. It's yours and you've earned it.
To all the Clock Haters, Please learn to mellow out, relax, and enjoy this day in all it's wackiness.

And to every NewGrounds User, Happy Clock Day!
I will respond to all reviews.

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Well this is swell.

Well I don't have a lot to say for this submission, I found it to be a bit unoriginal considering the original submission seems almost identical to this. Nontheless, I also found it to be rather lame altogether, and I found it pointless and uncreative, but at the same time it gets the point across and that's all a good flash does.

PureLionHeart responds:

Why thank you.

Hey, it's me!

And hey, it's your first flash. It's just a Clock Day flash and with a B (should be red :P) and a Happy Clock Day wish. This flash is fine. I just wish you added some sound or maybe a picture of Strawberry Clock there. Oh well. Nice work on this flash PureLionHeart. :)


PureLionHeart responds:

You forget, I suck at Flash, and I love monochrome. :P
If it weren't for losing my ShirtClock picture in the Redesign (It was my alt's profile picture), I wold've included that, though.
Thanks for the review, man. :D

somethings missing...

the black and white... hmm not the same as the red methinks, like the story tho that you told, the deep symbolic meaning grabbed me by the bollocks and screamed in my face...

a little...

PureLionHeart responds:

That's EXACTLY what I was going for. :) Thanks.

I didn't think you'd do it either!

Maybe not the most artsy tribute, but a tribute's a tribute! You contributed to a good cause, and as a result of this act, you were rewarded with a high flash score. Seems like you made out quite well here!

It was a nice tribute. The only improvement I'd suggest is maybe a little animation if you plan on doing it again next year. Other than that, you've made a cool contribution to the Clock Day collection!

PS: I saw you submit this on Final-LionHeart around the beginning of Clock Day, smooth. ;)

PureLionHeart responds:

Haha, why thank you. I had no intentions before Clock Day to do such a thing, but I've wanted a submission on my account for a while, and what with my complete lack of Flash skill, this was my best chance. And besides, it was another Protection Point for my stat-whorin' buddies!

Who knows? I may try to learn some Flash. I have a full version of the old Flash 5, if that's still even worthy of utilizing. The problem is, I have a complete lack of drawing skills. I might get some help from a few of my friends like usagisailor, Chromius, and Nike-Dunk to do some drawings, and I'll focus on some animations. But that's next Clock Day, and it's a ways away.

And actually the only reason I submitted it on Final-LionHeart was to test it. Everytime I viewed it solely in IE, it came up out of proportion, with the B and message closer to the middle. Turned out fine, though.

I really should have done more, though, as an actual Clock. ShirtClock, registered and all on the CC website, and yet all i can submit is B. :'(
Oh well, and I did the same Flash, with a color swap, in ShirtClock's account. :D

Christ, this was a long response for such a crappy Flash.


Is that all i should see and a B?

PureLionHeart responds:

Just a B and the message. ^_^

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
3:32 AM EDT

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