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Negative - The Past

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What's the guy's past from the Negative series?

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Nice job.

I've never seen the Negative series before so i might now understand this flash fully but regardless it still had good animation and a nice song to go with it though it didn't have much to do with Clocks for Clock Day but still it was a swell flash.

A bit slow.

Although this submission might have fit in with the clock crew idea, I found it hard to really like it because of how slow the submission went. It took so long to really start up that I found it hard to even continue watching the submission, it failed to entertain me or put a smile on my face, which the main idea of a clock crew submission. Not good.

(title in work)

Once again you have taken the name of clock day to release a seemingly unrelated movie. I guess the movie was pretty much a good movie, mostly because of the graphics and interesting music, though they English version is better. Anyway, There really wasn't a storyline that I could follow. A little disappointing.

Really, really. Weird.

Doesn't make sense at all. But the art was nice.

You have my 5 because I'm a faggot for Gorillaz...

Anyway, nice art, nice concept, etc. I just have to think of something besides Latin Simone.