A Very Watchable Clockday

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Mate! Frontpage! I'm happy thanks.

My Clockday movie rawr


A swell Clock Day movie.

That was pretty entertaining with how the two clocks we're watching TV and you also animated and voice acted the shows they we're watching which was pretty impressive,also i really liked the design for both Rupee and what ever the other clock was very sleek and smooth,overall great flash. :)


Well, what can I say about this submission, I found this submission to just be another one of those meh submissions. There really wasn't anything special or interesting about this submission at all. It just seemed a bit dull and boring to me and because of that I found it hard to really enjoy it. That's not to say that it was done badly, I just did not enjoy it. Meh.

crust....you have to try these hot pockets....

...You sick fuck...... LOL!

Watchable Indeed ;)

Not bad, but some of the sounds were a little harsh on the ears. The static sound was a bit too lound, and the bouncing was a tad annoying. some nice british clock cameos in there, heh. rupee and ruby seemed to be having some fun chilling together on the couch, looking sexy and shiny! kinda felt like a little... one man partial TV collab, but... of course it has that feel when it's watching TV... but using the TV is a good way to seperate out random shorts :P congrats on making frontpage, and happy late clockday!

*eats the kinderegg and rips out his heart-prize*

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KinderEggClock responds:

Thanks man, means a lot!

Sota ok

but it could have been a bit better.......Actually a lot better!

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4.00 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
1:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody