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A History Of B

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What is the purpose for the tripped out animation that looped while perfectly explaining how B came to be,doesn't make sense but wasn't a bad flash.



Garbled audio, poor animation, seizure-inducing.

The only thing that was cool about this flash was the fact that it was made for Clock Day.
The audio (for a clock-crew imitator) is horribly garbled, can't hardly understand any of it. Also, it seems as if the recording volume was down too low or something.
The animation is pretty crap. A hand. A clock-wannabe. Throw in a strobe, a blast of color, and an eagle every other 2nd or 3rd frame.
This is just a waste of time, and bad on the eyes, at that.

stu212 responds:

I am a clock(Kamikazi on clockcrew.cc) i put this together 30 mins before clockday began and its meant to B bad.