Flying dog house (EP0)

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A story as the lateral biography of "the doghouse series to fly in the sky"

As for the times, one dog takes off from one thought for the night sky on a chest in 1950's.
I am producing it now.


Seems pretty cool.

Looking forward to the real thing.

This concept seems interesting, and you have a really good mastery of colors. As trailers go, the text passed just a bit too fast, and the music seemed to change a little awkwardly, but overall, it was very nice. I'm not sure whether you've finished it by now, since this movie was posted a long time ago, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it! (4/5, 9/10)

(my Japanese isn't very good, and Newgrounds doesn't let us use japanese text, but for your benefit, I'll try to translate my thoughts below)

Kono kangae wa zehi omoshirosou desu. Iro no koto yoku tsukaeru dayo. Trailer toshite, honbun wa chotto hayasugita, soshite ongaku wo kawatta toki wa chotto hen deshita kedo, daitai iiyo. Eiga ga mou tsukuri owataka shirimasen kedo, tanoshimi ni matteimasu!

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Music is more fluid in this one. Good trailer. Looks like something worth checking out once in the future.

MATSUMO responds:

Thank you for your message. This movie takes time very much to complete it, but I do my best and make it.


i have to say that the graphics are amazing and well done, the flying doghouse reminds me of snoopy -10

MATSUMO responds:

Thank you very much for a message. And thank you for doing high evaluation. I surely resemble Snoopy. I think that Snoopy is a good comic. Popularity is high in Japan.

very nice

Its really Cute and i really hope to see more of how this dog ...love story goes.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2007
9:41 PM EDT