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Author Comments

My Latest work, it's really pimp!

What started off as a 2 second weebl and bob rip off eventually turned into a 73 second long peice done entirely one second at a time (you can tell!) Horrah!

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make a penis like this q p
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| | really long like {{{MINE}}}

BillSkelton responds:

I love it when a user picks up on the little details.


The graphics you used were superb XD Although I probably would've understood what the flash was about it I was high or something. But it was still awesome. And LOL at the persons comment somewhere below me Zanastor: "How can I get the LSD you have..."

holy crap!

dude this is, OMG sooo cool! im so glad you picked one of my songs to do this with your flash. Dude you just made my week! i love you! <3

Me likey

I thought it was pretty sweet. There should be more acidhead animators like yourself out there.

Drugs are bad....M'kay

How do I get the LSD you have.......