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Hey everyone this is a slight improvement to my last one this one has that horrible bg problem fixed sorry i didnt add much else im teaming up with someone to make a great tutorial be looking for that if u need help! Well ChECK IT OUT! SORRY ABOUT SOME OF THE GRAPHICS!!

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I am incredibly sorry but...

There are a few things I have to point out to you.

1. There are already many sprite tutorials etc on newgrounds, so unless yours is going to go above and beyond the rest (which this one clearly hasnt..) then please use your time to do something more constructive.

2. You have already apologized for the graphics, thank you.

3. I am going to be completely honest and say that I didnt even go through all of the tutorial, I lost complete interest after I read the first couple lines, and they were all mis-spelled horribly. I'm sorry but if i want to read something of that style, i'd go to the inbox on my mobile phone and look at text messages.

All that being said;

It's nice to see another person attempting to educate the new artists and to inspire more toons involving sprites etc. so before you think I'm being completely mean and nasty, I'm just telling it how it is.

Summary-- Well done for attempting to educate, but in order to educate you must produce something worthy, that looks good, and that people will want to learn from. Apart from that, Good job.

try to fix the bugs. site to help below.

ther's a lot of problems one simple post can't fix, so I'l just reffer you to a grat flash site. go to www.learnflash.com and just download a few simple tutorials. It will rwally help you fix this up a bit. But,yes a good idea would be to stop moving that button around! But anyway, since the link is related, I'm not "promoting" any outside content. Though I guess if other people wanted to check it out, they could. Anyway, other thean that, it was ok. Just fix up those bugs,(boy have I done A LOT of that when submitting my stuff.) And you'll be ok. Just remember to check the site out and you can fix it up A LOT. And please don't try toreport me. the site is related. I don't wan't my account deleted. lol. Wow. longest review I ever wrote.


It was an educative flash, i'll give you that. But why would you apologize about the graphics? If you know they're horrible, why not fix it before you submit the flash in the first place?

One of the things i found VERY annoying was the fact that you switched the placement of the buttons slightly after each frame. You don't have to make a new frame for that, leave the button as it is in the firt frame and add following AS:


It's that simple, it will take you to the next freame and stop it. I'm guessing you have the gotoandstop() for each frame, right? Hope i helped out on that.

Also, make the text easier to read and more pleasurable to view. Use light and soft colours instead of strong, choppy ones like black...

Still, keep up the good work!

~ Frost

Well it was okay.

Well, you could have provided a bit more details in some parts, but mostly it was okay. Screenshots are always good, so I cant complain there. The only real thing that bothered me, was the dark background and that hard to read text, use plain style text when making tutorials, it seems less frustrating to a learning flash artist.

Good luck on your future projects!

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2.25 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2007
2:28 AM EDT
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