Super Pirate Isle

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UPDATE - sorry about the chest bug. I didnt know about it my bad believe me i would have fixed it had i known about it it should be fixed now

I also may have sent the wrong swf file because there were two with similar names and one was way more frigged up than the other

please report other issues that are major. I will adress them immediatly or by tomorrow morning
thank you for patience

I had a pirate mood going and after reminising about bomberman this game just absolutely had to be made. Its a short fun game about going through mazes and strategically placing bombs in order to blow up obsticals, enemies and find the 3 treasers hidden on the 4 haunted pirate islands

be careful not to be blown up by your own bombs or youll be sent to davy jones' locker


PS my domain name is currently non existant i gotta figure out how to set it up again
for now to see my site go to www.dizimz.phrozenflame.c om/fear2

or just visit Armor games .com


I like the game but...

Could have been better without a Timer. Other than that I enjoyed playing it! It's Like Bomberman... with Pirates!

What the fuck?

I closed the game and then some pirate song from lazy town was playing out of my browser. What the fek? Seriously, what is up with that?

bomberman XD

it's bomberman's pirate version XD i like it :D


lazy town pirate song. my sis used to sing it and it was stuck in my head, thanks for puttin it back in
p.s i was being sarcastic i actually hate that song

Bomberman Bomberman does whatever a Pirate can?

I am going to keep this one short.
Pros - Its about Pirates. Its Bomberman.
Cons - Too many bugs: You can keep blasting the same chest. And bomb placement is sometimes off and you die because of it. Also make the flames dissapear after a few lengths, it shouldnt fly till it hits you or a wall.
Other than that great start you just need to iron out a few bugs.
I award you with 1 Sea Bass and 2 Sardines.

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3.54 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
7:52 PM EDT
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