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Yu Yu Hakusho Game

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This is my second game, i think its a lot better than my first.

I made this when I was nine and its hilariously shitty.



man i miss this show i love the dark tournament the most


First of all, what? I get that it was Hiei's head floating around on some immobile background, but I don't get why there were so many enemy heads flying around or why the purple squiggles needed to hit exactly the right spot before they blew up. This needs some serious re-working.

very poor

if it's better than the first i wont even search for it

what the crap?

I like yuyu hakusho, and i like video games, the 2 should go together well, but this combination didnt go together well at all, floating heads? blob shooting? cave navigation? side scrolling? have you seen the show??? this game is one failed attempt after another. I've wasted time a lot of different ways, but i think you owe me 45 seconds of my life back for this.

Needs work

First off, you need sounds, next, you need walking cycles and not just heads flying around, also, you need some better weapon than a slithery blob out of his forehead. Improve in those areas and its a guaranteed higher score. Good Luck!

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1.55 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
6:10 PM EDT
Action - Other