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S+++ty Tongue

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Another bout 15 second short made in the celebration of recieving my graphics tablet took about 2 hours to complete..though it wasn't meant to be released i was testing the audio sync for a few reasons.

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NIce work :)

Pretty decent :). Short and to the point.
And i agree with Edgey-The-Don that's its a pretty nice gag. Would have had me laughing my a** off if I had actually seen it happen to your friend xD
The drawings ok, though I prefer the work on The Myth of Sisyphus. But still good and great for trying out your graphics tablet ;).

You get 8/10 and 4/5 from me on this submission :)
Cheers ^^

CatFat responds:

thanks alot!
maybe i should make more shorts, these days i seem to spend months on just one project :|

HAh! Great! :)

Not many flashes makes me laugh nowadays ^^ This one did thou.
Its verry short and i can see that this could not posibly be more than a half days work :P Afte watching all of your Flashes i think that you gonna be big somedays. i can see it now! :P ure best submissions all over the Front page :D... well by that time.. ill might as well gets me a milkshake =D Guud bai

4 / 10
2 / 5

CatFat responds:

cool thanks bud!


Short but sweet! nice art work and decent animation! nice gag too... you know it's good luck if a bird craps on you so he's extremely lucky!!!... or not as the case may be

keep it up!

CatFat responds:

lol, i certainly didn't know that!

Fuck these guys!

this is frontpage stuff!

CatFat responds:

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support but i really don't feel it's FP stuff lol

Ha ha!

Good idea! That was so funny! LOL!

CatFat responds:

wow eh thanks!
it was sorta what happened to my friend, who by the way looks nothing like that, in school! lol