Merry Madness 4: healing

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well, if you like merry madness 2, and 3, here si chapter 4!
the music is from a group call moenia, if you want to know.

I hope you like it!


I'll run you through what happened in my eyes...

I had to open the animation in a pop up to remember how many errors and how manys things were wrong with it. Okay, lets start with the intro, it was fine, nice text and music. At first I thought it would be good. I was wrong.
Here is what I saw: Okay I see a badly drawn madness guy that seems to mimic santa, holding a curvy skinny sword, and the bear going down to his pecs while it's skinny as hell. He looks like crack addict.
Okay a guy floats over to santa (with, by the way, no feet) and blood is on the guy before the badly drawn santa even stabs him. He stabs him in the head, while the guy falls over stiff as a bowling pin. Santa does nothing. Another guy does the exact same thing. And that is repeated 2 more times. The sounds are late and the same as before. Santa floats up the stairs and sees a random guy that hung himself for no apparant reason. Santa stares at him for a long time and then some curvy madness nuns float in, all moving at the exact same pace. Santa seems to 'glitch' himself over to the other side of them, and somhow they are all dead, one decapitated. Santa lays on the floor and then is suddenly, in a single frame, back up and floating weirdly up. A hand appears in his hand without him even moving and then it cocks itself somhow, even though he didn't even move. The gun looks like something of a mix of a sawn off shotgun and a desert eagle. He starts to float to the door. Santa floats to the middle of the hallway and stops for no apparent reason for 5 seconds, and then what seems to be a resised version of the badly drawn nuns floats out with a 2 halfs of a sword in his head, somehow he is still alive. Santa somehow produces the gun out of nowhere again, and then shoots him with it 3 times in less then a second, and somehow the giant nun spazes on to the ground, as if to fall, but if that was what you meant to implement, you did it bad, he even landed the wrong way. And the blood somehow got under santa without a drop of blood on the giant nun or santa, even though it landed under him! He waits 15 seconds, doing nothing, then suddenly appears outside. He slowly floats forward, and then something red appears under him, and then he suddenly goes forward at moch 1. Another 5 second wait... Suddenly he is floating across a flat area, and goes to a igloo. He suddenly appears inside the igloo, which looks much bigger on the inside then it did on the outside. A thing with a red beard with his teeth stuck to his face, not even seemingly part of his mouth. He seems to have horns or something on his head, and he has red hands. A chainsaw comes out of nowhere into santa's hands, and he starts spazzing out with it, it changing area by 5 metres in 1 frame. One blood pool starts randomly going around the room, not leaving a trace behind it. The chainsaw isn't even moving. He puts the chainsaw on to the gimped up figure, nothing happening, obviously because the chainsaw ISN'T EVEN MOVING! He continues this process for about 10 seconds and then somehow the figure gets up again and then the chainsaw starts spazzing out again. The blood sprite seems to do the exact same thing as before- as do the chainsaw, figure and santa. Then a nun with a golden party hat comes in and touches the santa thing and moves him a a metre away from him in one frame, then he appears onto the wall, and then the floor again. He stays there, and then suddenly appears up again and floats out of sight. He suddenly appears outside. Then this happens again. You know, the same thing over and over again isn't good, it's horrible. The yellow party hat nun picks him up in one frame and then it's over, thank god.

Suggestion: Don't upload things that look anything remotely like this, PLEASE!

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the intro was nice but then..... bwuah! it sucked he killed them like he killed the others and way to bad sprites and don't use that kind of music in madness. and don't make stupid cartoons. it looks like a joke or something else bad.

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"He loves to copy-paste."

That was running through my mind the entire time. The kill animations were the exact same from the first room, and outside. EXACTLY. There was no climax, there was no gore factor, there was no action, there wasn't anything. It would have been a redeeming quality had you gotten better, but you didn't, and therefore, your score stays the same.

You should leave the internet for a year and come back when you have skill.

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cool music, cool intro, but it definetely needs more work was good tho


I laughed so freaking hard. OMGthis is the best crap ever. The first four all die the same exact way, and he just jumps in the air and everyone dies! Its so stupid that is funny!

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2.30 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
10:39 AM EDT
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