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My first try to present a game on NG..

This is a 2 player game, so it's best played with a friend ;))

All you need to know is in the help topic but still a little brief:

END = +Base HP / +base energy (less)
STR = +melee damage
Spirit = +magic damage
Intellect =+ base mana
Alchemy= +base healing
Stamina=+ base energy

by the demand of darkness139:

use mouse to play :)
here are two <axis> of play: warrior build and wizard(mage/sorcerer etc.. as you like it) (but it's more of for role-play ;)
Warriors should concentrate on Endurance/Strength and Stamina, secondly on alchemy
Mages should firstly train Spirit and Intelligence, but don't forget about endurance and alchemy
Melee attacks consume energy,which restores round-by-round
Magic attacks are slightly stronger (via stat bonus) but consume mana, which doesn't regenerate (restores only only via potion)

Fell free to <create> your own builds :)
..and please:
if you DIDN'T like this game - please review
if you DID like this game - please review
if you found a BUG - please review
once again this is my 1st try, so I wish my self good luck and you to have some fun ^_^

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Not Bad

Pretty good game, especially for a first try. The graphics aren't the best, but the game was still pretty fun. Up the graphics and add maybe a Human vs Computer mode, and you'll have an awesome game! Nice.

horrible visually

the grafix & animation suck, but it was actually fun 2 play. Fix the visuals & u could hav a descent game


u even gotmy fav adio portal song

Crappy animation but i was playing it for like 2h!

the animation needs a tune up, but the game its self RULES!!!

lots of promise

this is a great idea for a game, can can really go places, but fighing against myself i have noted some issues...

first: i am fighting against my self... a ai would be hard to code, but really sweet.

second: the health potions are a bit too powerfull... if one player put all 7 of his into attack, and the other into alch, the guy with alch can just heal the dmg, and the guy with attack can heal the pathetic dmg the other guy does... the game can go on forever in one match.

I suggest either reducing the strengh of health potions, or doing up the dmg of the lower attackes, or makeing it so you can only use... say... 3 of each potion.

this game is nice as it is, but it can be polished just a bit, so keep working on it, eventually it could be sweet.

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3.23 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
8:30 AM EDT