Star Wars Chronicles

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Originally Titled: "Return of the Jedi, the aftermath," This is The First, of hopefully a series of the "Star Wars Chronicles" This was made with Sprites, and mostly custom backgrounds, and all that good stuff. Now I know that it still has work to do, but I will hopefully make a Special Edition using more Backgrounds from the original Super Star Wars Games, and music from the actual movie. Just a note, in Vader's Music Video, I didn't have lyrics on me, so I kinda had to guess the lyrics in parts. Also, this isn't the full version of the song. I cut it down to about 2 minutes to save time. In the Special Edition, I wil hopefully Fix this, and use the full version of the song. With that said, Enjoy the movie.

EDIT: I think I fixed the sync problem, and re submitted it. It 's weird because it worked perfectly on my computer.


I agree

As everyone I saw below me I say thet too plus dude these movies make you look like a hobo

So So

I agree with Rocket618. the scene with Vader drinking a can of Mountain Dew , the can is to big looks like a liter of Mountain Dew. Was that ur intention to have drink a liter? Also, the close up scene with Vader playing the guitar , u got a hand floating in mid air , it needs a arm.

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You have tallent.

But lay off the Star Wars, it has been done so many times that is is hard to do new things with Star Wars. Also, I personally did not like the story line, and what makes it worse is that you are competing against people who get paid a lot of money to write books about what happens after episode VI. So, my suggestion for your next vid would be to choice a show, movie, game, ect. you like and that has not been done a million times.

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Rikuthemaster responds:

I know the star wars thing has been done a milion times before, but trust me. I really want to make a 2nd video of this, but I promise you. Check out the second video when it comes out. I'll try to make it as original as possible.

all i gotta say ...


i love those old starwars games on SNES.

though for me the sound stopped but the ''music video'' kept going



Rikuthemaster responds:

Ok so you don't like it, I'm cool with it, but you could be a little more sane about it instead of posting "sux" for every video you see. Just trying to get blam points?

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Aug 13, 2007
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