Charater Battle XI

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This is the 11st installation of the sprite fighting. Mighty had been teleported, but how did Shadow came back?


Hello Newgrounds!
I bring you the 11st episode of the new season of Charater Battle series!
Be sure you vote fairly and review.

Please put constructive criticism on your reviews? Please?
Thank you.


© Copyright 2006 - 2007 Pico's City Flash Studios
All characters of the CB Series belongs to their owners.


To the people below me. :p

This is a old fail flash. XD;
Goto my remake that sucks lesser.

...wen does the good part start...

u do realize that all the character battle movies u have made so far all suck right.... u should put alot more effort into the movies that u make. especially the character battle series. with better animations and maybe a decent plot, this would be worth someones time. btw this has been brought up before but the opening sentences are from super smash bros. brawl. U should really come up with ur own stuff man.
I have also been noticing that ur being an asshole to everyone that criticizes ur movies. All i have to say about that is listen to their opinions and let the reviewers help u.


way better then that sucky X it sucked balls worse than paris hilton.....Wait no i'm wrong but its a good second

it's Ok

but everyone else instead of criticising him or her how about offering advice on how to get better(instead of insulting the work)

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Sad Panda

I watched a few of your 'older' animations and this isn't much of an improvement from them.. probably because 1) There is no character depth/development, 2) Still short as hell, 3) The fight scenes look poorly done, 4) About 60% of the sprites in this one look poorly ripped or just are poorly moved around. I'd like to say the same thing as other people have said for suggestions: 1) Look at the top-end sprite flashes and notice the differences between theirs and yours, 2) Spend many many hours on making your flashes so they'll show effort, 3) learn the more 'sophisticated/advanced' features of flash + tools for alterating spites.

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Aug 12, 2007
10:16 PM EDT
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