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The main objective in GemStrike is to get the required amount of gems in a row. A row in this case can seen as several gems of your own color touching each other. All directions are allowed. Meaning you can achieve a row of the types displayed below:

You can also adjust the following settings:
The size of the playfield: The size can be 16x16 at its largest and 10x10 at its smallest.
The amount of opponents: You can have up to 4 opponents on a single field.
The strength of the opponents: For each opponent you can define how strong they should be.
Finally you can decide who of the players may start.

After you've defined the settings to your satisfaction you can start playing. The player who you selected to start will have to opportunity of putting the first gem on the board.

The player that is the first to get the required row length will become the winner of the game.

Recommended Settings:
Board size: 4 or 5
Number of players: 2 (1 vs 1)
Winning row length: 5
Player 2 difficulty: 3
Starting player: may be both you or the computer

Have fun!

Ok I've fixed the bug where the field becomes unclickable.

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yeah! this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least it isn't bejeweled.

I found that it wouldn't respond to my clicks if I went first and that the computer is ultra paranoid at the medium difficulty. they would block me or each other if anyone got even two in a row. All of my games ended with no winner. You should probably figure out how to tweak the AI so it doesn't freak so easily and figure out why it wouldn't respond when the player goes first. I believe that bug is what made other reviewers say it didn't work. Other than that it seemed to be a fine rendition of this style of game.

Zen1th responds:

Thanks, I noticed now too that as long as you simply start playing it works. It also works if you let the CPU make the first move but it doesn't work all to well when you switch back to yourself after that. We'll try fixing that one :)


Very nice game with much options for a game like this!

pretty fun

i love playing with 3 cpus. it makes it a lot more interesting. s like a connect 4 game


NOT BAD BUT U HAVE TO CLICK AND HOLD IT A LITTLE and also the comp is way to easy to beat

Zen1th responds:

Have you tried increasing the difficulty of your opponent? You can change it in the game setup. I can assure you that it's not that easy to beat when set to the highest difficulty.

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2007
4:00 PM EDT